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Worlds 2013 Semis and Finals - Zoe Steinberg

Worlds 2013 Semis and Finals - Zoe Steinberg
September 24, 2013 -  Zoe Steinberg

Day three of the competition was completely dedicated to speed climbing. The entire speed comp was to be run during that day, which gave the sport-only climbers a day off. We (the US kids who were not competing in speed) got to sleep in, and then head over to the comp just as the practice runs were ending. The United States crushed in speed, and had seven athletes place in the top five, which included four medals! Huge congrats to John Brosler and Kyra Condie for taking home the bronze, as well as to Kayla...

2013 IFSC Youth Worlds - Zoe Steinberg

2013 IFSC Youth Worlds - Zoe Steinberg
September 20, 2013 -  Zoe Steinberg

After training for about six weeks from July to August, it was finally time for me to leave for worlds.  This year’s IFSC youth world championships were held in Victoria, Canada, which was very convenient for the North American athletes.  Since the competition took place in the middle of my internship, I was unable to head up to Canada beforehand to train with some of the other US team members; however, by the time the competition rolled around, I was climbing well and psyched for the event.

World Youth Championship 2013, British Columbia - Nick Bradley

World Youth Championship 2013, British Columbia - Nick Bradley
August 28, 2013 - 

Worlds is always a huge challenge for me in many more ways than the difficulty. The style is different, my mentality is different (usually for the worse), the place is different, everything is just so different it's hard for me to adapt. This was only my second international competition, so its not so bad that I feel this way. However, this year did teach me so much more than I would have expected. I learned how to adapt to my anti-style and climb fast with quick shakes rather than slow and long rests, how to execute cruxy moves without...

Youth World Championship!!! - Delaney Miller

Youth World Championship!!! - Delaney Miller
August 26, 2013 - 

Last weekend I competed in the youth world championship in Victoria, Canada. It was a fantastic comp! It was an emotional, exciting week and I feel so blessed to have experienced it! I stayed with the US team in the Victoria University dorms, which were not far from the climbing wall. It was incredible to really connect and bond with all the other US team members. I will never forget the memories and relationships that were formed! Before the competition began, I was honestly in a very depressed mood. I was upset to be leaving my beloved home, friends,...

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