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The ROCK Project series: educating for the future

The ROCK Project series: educating for the future
September 03, 2015 -  chris schulte

Traveling with the Black Diamond/Access Fund ROCK Project, sharing experiences, techniques, and ethics for outdoor climbing.

A ZG Team Trip to Bishop - Matt Grossman

A ZG Team Trip to Bishop - Matt Grossman
January 25, 2014 -  Matt Grossman

Over Christmas break Scott Cory, a few kids from our team and I went up to bishop to climb. It was really fun because I had people to climb with and to encourage me and for me to encourage. It was also fun when we weren’t at the crags because there were lots of people to talk to and hang out with at the fire. On the first day we went to the Happys and started up by the Clapper. Then moved on to the Slow dance cave, then Acid wash, next Every color you are and finished off...

Back in Time - Nicholas Milburn

Back in Time - Nicholas Milburn
September 04, 2013 -  Nicholas Milburn

Let’s go back in time. Not very far, just to late July of this year. During this amazing time in my life I was in Rifle, Colorado with my amazing girlfriend, Tiffany Murphy, and my two amazing friends, Dalan Faulkner and Joe Gifford. I planned my entire 3 month summer trip on the idea that I wanted to go back to Rifle and in the end we only spent a week there. However it was one of the best weeks of my life. We started our Rifle adventures by meeting up with Josh Levin, Charlie Andrews and...

It's a Progression - Nicholas Milburn

It's a Progression - Nicholas Milburn
April 30, 2013 - 

Two days of epics in the Ozarks. Who would have thought so much adventure could happen in such a short amount of time? After all this was just a spur of the moment kind of thing. At least for me it was. After the Capital City Crux competition in Austin some of the Dallas crew were talking about Arkansas. I was excited about my weekend of nothing when they invited me to come with them. Going to Arkansas to test myself against that sweet sandstone sounded much more fun than doing nothing at home. After convincing...

Spring time in the Rockies - Brian Dunnohew

Spring time in the Rockies - Brian Dunnohew
April 10, 2013 -  Brian Dunnohew

I have also had a couple trips to outside of Wyoming this year. I got a good tour of Shelf Road from my good friend Fritz. Shelf felt pretty old school, very techy, keeps me on my toes. There were so many routes in such a small area. I will return there for sure. I got to make it down to St. George for a long weekend. I love that place and wish I could spend more time there. I traveled down with about 16 people...madness. Most were there to bike and climb a little. Some were...

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore

Video: Big Worm (V14) by LT11 with Dave Wetmore
December 07, 2012 - 

In 2008, Dave Wetmore suffered a debilitating finger injury that has plagued his climbing career. After fully rupturing the A2 pulley on his left ring finger and having a rarely done reconstructive surgery, his doctor told him that climbing would be nearly impossible, especially at a professional level. After a year of rehabilitation Dave hit the bouldering scene with a new found drive. Dave set his sights on a V14 in Colorado called BIG WORM and never looked back. This is the story of Dave's experience with BIG WORM.

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