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Natasha Barnes - Summer is here!

Natasha Barnes - Summer is here!
Natasha Barnes - Summer is here!
Natasha Barnes - Summer is here!
Natasha Barnes - Summer is here!
June 13, 2010 -  Natasha Barnes    

Summer is here! It's time to train. My goals, the OR show competition, and one of my climbing workouts.

Summer is here! It's time to train. I have a week left of school then I am going to switch my focus more to training. I just got some new gymnastic rings and I've been working out on my hangboard. I have even started doing cardio again! I am going to focus on training hard and having fun so that when Fall comes I can feel strong and psyched for all of the projects that I have my heart set on in Yosemite and at Jailhouse.


My goals for this year are to climb more V11's (and maybe V12) and my first 5.14a. I am also aiming for the short term goal of competing at Outdoor Retailer Trade Show competition in Salt Lake City in early August. Here is a link to last years highlights. Of course, my Summer won't be spent entirely inside. I plan to get out to Tahoe and Donner when I can as well. Since it's high elevation it won't be as hot as other places. Bouldering and granite sport climbing!!

Since a lot of people have been asking what I do on the hangboard I have decided to put one of my workouts here. It's pretty simple but it really helps with endurance and also a little finger power. You have to use a stop watch and at the top of each minute you do the exercise. After you complete each exercise you use the rest of the minute to rest until the top of the next minute. This is what I consider the "easy" workout. I have more that you can progress to once you can do the whole 20 min workout without failing on any of the exercises. I do this a maximum of twice a week and wouldn't recommend doing more than that.


minute/hold/exercise/reps (or seconds)






6/jug/hang/40 sec


8/sm/hang/20 sec

9/med/hang/25 sec


11/sm/hang/20 sec


13/med/hang/30 sec


15/sm/hang/25 sec

16/med/hang/25 sec

17/sm/hang/20 sec

18/sm/hang/25 sec

19/med/hang/30 sec

20/jug/hang/90 sec


I don't recommend this workout to beginners (or anyone who has not climbed at least a year) because risk of finger injury is high if you do not have a good base of finger strength.

I am currently doing this and other more difficult routines and soon I plan to start a new workout that focuses less on endurance and more on actual finger strength. Just trying to build up my base first. I've also been doing some ring workouts as well for power. I'm going to keep up with the cardio training as well. If you try this workout let me know how its goes and leave a comment here on this blog. Good luck!


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