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The Continuum Project goes on tour this month.

The Continuum Project goes on tour this month.
March 02, 2010 -  Five Ten    

"This month's video short takes you to the warm limestone cliffs of Lions Head, Ontario. I'm sure most of you are ready for spring so I thought this chapter would be most appropriate to get you in the spirit of warm, sunny rock climbing. Lions Head is located along the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. To most people Lions Head is a peaceful port village surrounded by spectacular limestone cliffs. But to Ontario climbers this is one of the best sport climbing crags around. Follow along as we explore the cliffs of Lions Head. Locals; Greg Williamson and Leslie Timms, show our visiting American climbers Sam Elias, Emily Harrington and Lauren Lee the classic routes of the area.

Greg Williamson is the local climber who lives minutes outside of Lions Head. He and his friends were kind enough to show us around the area and give us key beta. We stayed here for 6 days and climbed everyday. The filming for this chapter was relatively easy compared to the other chapters of this film. The way the cliffs were arranged made it very easy for me to setup on top of the climbs and shoot across at a nice downward angle. I shot this chapter with my Panasonic HVX 200; but added quite a few additions to create some of these shots. For the majority of the shooting I had a 35mm lens adaptor on my camera which allowed me to mount my Nikon 300m f2.8 lens. It was this lens that allowed me to zoom close enough while being so far away. Hope you enjoy the short.

Don't forget to tell your friends about the tour!!!"

Salt Lake City, Utah   -   March 10, 2010
Ashland, Oregon   -   March 11, 2010
Eugene, Oregon   -   March 12, 2010
Portland, Oregon   -   March 14, 2010
Bend, Oregon   -   March 15, 2010
Leavenworth, Washington   -   March 16, 2010
Bellingham, Washington   -   March 18, 2010
Seattle, Washington   -   March 19, 2010
North Bend, Washington   -   March 21, 2010
Tacoma, Washington   -   March 23, 2010
Gunnison, Colorado   -   April 8, 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado   -   April 8, 2010
Golden, Colorado   -   April 14, 2010


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