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Paul Robinson climbs in Arkansas and Colorado

February 22, 2010 -  Paul Robinson    

"The next couple of months for me are going to full of traveling and climbing.  This is not to say that there is a lack of climbing here in Colorado, however, lately I have found myself in search of the next best line whether it be in the middle of a desert or deep in a secluded forest. Lately, I have been fortunate enough to find two projects, both of which completely different styles and located in completely different parts of the
The first one is located in the woods of Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains.  This climb is a beautiful roof that has a perfect starting hold and an obvious line that trends to the right top side of the boulder.  The other line is located in a wash in Red Rocks and take quite a decent hike to get back to.  This climb is an overhung arete.  The climbing is powerful yet very technical too!  The left hand slaps up an almost featureless arete while the right hand grabs amazing features in the overhang!  Both projects intrigue me greatly and I look forward to getting back on to both of them.

Unfortunately, I don't have all the time in the world since I am a full time student at the University of Colorado at Boulder.  This is my final semester and the course work load is quite large for any trip longer than a weekend. For now, I am stuck to the weekend trips but am more than happy to still have climbs here to try!  One of which is Daniel Woods' new line in Boulder Canyon, "The Game" given the grade of V16.  I have given the climb 3 or 4 days of effort and have to say that I am thoroughly impressed!  The line is HARD!  I have, since my first day of working the line, been able to do the entire thing in three overlapping parts!  I know this may seem not that impressive, however it has taken those four days to complete these links. In my mind it really is the hardest boulder established in the world right now and I hope to be able to complete the second ascent of such a monumental climb.

I am hoping to get to each of my projects soon!  So, stay tuned on the Five Ten® Blog for my updates on my travels and continued efforts on "The Game." - Paul Robinson


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