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Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel

Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
Cascade Idaho 2014 - Nic Rummel
August 10, 2014 -  Nic Rummel    

I had such a great summer developing a climbing area near Cascade, Idaho. This is the second summer I was able to live in McCall, a small mountain town 100 miles north of Boise and 30 miles north of Cascade. I first heard about this area from my friend and mentor Larry Morton. He was a professional motocross racer and now owns a restaurant and climbing gym in Cascade. Larry introduced me to the area in the June of 2013, and the quality of the stone, lines and the solid landings for high balls keeps my interest peeked.


This year was a huge success. I made it to Idaho in early June again just after returning from Rocky Mountain National Park (my high school graduation present). In these few weeks of fickle but colder weather I was able to put up so sweet difficult problems, most notably Houdini Dog From Hell V10 and Chain Swang from the Danalang V11. Once July hit the weather was simply not ideal, but I'm not complaining. I was then able to pursue training on my campus board, cleaning fresh lines, water skiing, deep water soloing on the lake and exploring other areas.

Now that I am home in Colorado Springs, Co and can look back at all I experienced and accomplished with Larry and Wyatt Seastrom (local crusher), I am so pleased with my summer. I have maintained or increased my strength, sent many new boulders, most of which were first or second ascents and was able to spend time with my family in beautiful McCall. Now it is off to college at School of Mines and training hard for ABS Open Nationals. This christmas break I am coming back to ski with the family, but the cold weather calls for some hard goes on the projects! Next year will hopefully see more FAs and more blessings. 

Keep your eye out for the film coming out about my trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. I couldn't post all the photos i wanted to from Idaho so definitely watch the film my story of living and crushing in Idaho!

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Photo credit: Murphy Maquet, Eva Laxo and Wyatt Seastrom

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