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Recalibration - Markus Eder

Recalibration - Markus Eder
Recalibration - Markus Eder
Recalibration - Markus Eder
August 01, 2014 -  Markus Eder    

I didn’t know what to expect from a deep water soloing trip to Portugal. Equipped with the information about cliffs at Ingrina and Sesimbra I took my seat in the airplane.



Arriving at these beautiful cliffs with the smell of the sea and the vegetation I felt like 9 years ago in Mallorca and I remembered about the pureness of DWS.

Climbing in this beautiful landscape over the crystal clear water of the Atlantic sea, which was, by the way too cold for falling to often, was like getting the old perspective on this sport back again. Just moving around, taking some falls and getting afraid at the top made me feel like back in the days when I started climbing. It was not about conditions, hard moves and unfinished projects, it was just about climbing!

Knowing that my body and mind was exhausted from a  lot of projects and a long season, I ending up surfing some waves, eating delicious seafood and enjoying landscape. So not only the climbing part of this trip will stay in my memories.

Back home I was invented to the Salewa Rockshow at Magic Wood. The mixture of bouldering with the winners of the different countries and trying some hard stuff with the athletes was nice and the combined with the social effect this meeting was superb!

These two trips were like a recalibration of my attitude to this sport. Now I’m aware of what is important at climbing again. I’m ready for cool temps and friction!


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