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Prepping For SCS Nationals - Zoe Steinberg

Prepping For SCS Nationals - Zoe Steinberg
Prepping For SCS Nationals - Zoe Steinberg
Prepping For SCS Nationals - Zoe Steinberg
Prepping For SCS Nationals - Zoe Steinberg
July 17, 2014 -  Zoe Steinberg    

The last six weeks have been pretty busy for me, so I apologize for not finding time to write this sooner.  My last post was about SCS regionals in May, where I placed first.  After that comp, I started what we call senior project at my school, which is basically where the seniors have to go get unpaid internships for three weeks and work 80 hours on-site to experience what the real world is like.  I really enjoyed my internship, which was in neurology, but it definitely took up a lot more time than I’m used to, which made training at early hours tough on most days.  In spite of that, by the time divisionals rolled around a month after regionals and a week after my graduation, I felt pretty prepared. 


I drove up to Watertown, MA the day before the comp, and what should have been a 3 and a half hour drive took over six hours because of traffic.  The competition went really well, and I placed second, which was my best finish at an SCS divisionals in several years.  I drove home later that night, and spent the next two days driving down to the red like I do every summer to train for nationals.  I got in Tuesday afternoon extremely psyched to climb, but I waited until the next day.  I climbed with a lot of different people over the next few weeks, from kids on my team to other youth competitors to red river gorge locals, and enjoyed every minute of it.  I managed to send Spank (13a), Beer Belly (13a), 40 Oz. of Justice (13a), and Flour Power (13b), as well as flash Leave It to Beavis (12d) and BOHICA (13b and my hardest flash to date), as well as projected some really fun climbs like Elephant Man, Golden Boy, and Angry Birds.  In addition, several of my friends were down here crushing as well, with some of the highlights being Sol sending Dracula ’04 (13b), Jacob doing Dirty Smelly Hippie as his first 13b, Leilani and Gabby doing Beavis, Hoofmaker (13a), and the Force (13a), and Conor doing Chainsaw Massacre (12a).  Even in the face of everything else that was happening, I would have to say that my friend Jesse Grupper impressed everyone by sending Omaha Beach for his first 14a in only three tries, as well as by flashing Dirty Smelly Hippie and Angry Birds (13c) in the same day, and sending a bunch of other 13s. 

I’m writing this post from my hotel room in Atlanta while waiting to compete in qualifiers at SCS Nationals tomorrow.  I am feeling really strong, and in my opinion I am climbing better on a rope than I ever have, and hopefully it will show this weekend.  I will put up another blog after the competition, but for now, huge thanks to Five Ten for their continued support, and best of luck to all of the competitors this weekend!

Photo credit: Jennie Jariel and Isy Gourley

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