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Schladming European Cup & Bratislava City DH - Bernard Kerr

 Schladming European Cup & Bratislava City DH - Bernard Kerr
July 09, 2014 - 

So last weekend we set up pits in Schladming and left Micayla there to attend the IXS European DH cup whilst Eliot and myself headed out to Bratislava in Slovakia for the City DH race.


Micayla had a great time hanging out with all the girls and doing her own thing all weekend! She qualified in 6th with a steady run but upped it in the finals for a solid 5th place finish among some top girls!!!

Over at the street race me an Eliot were having a wild time sending all the jumps first run and felling great. Although I have to say street races are definitely not Eliot's strong point with him not being a fan of the wall ride at all which gives you speed for the next 1/3 of the course!!! For finals Eliot decided it would just be better for him to go down and throw some big whips and please the crowd...they went wild!!! I went down with full intention of trying to win...I was on a great run and up by 1.2 seconds at the halfway split until on the last stairs/last turn my tire blew out and put me out of all contention(you can see it in the vid on PB link below)....Sooo gutted for a second week in a row!!! 

All in all another good week racing...In morzine now after another big mission of a drive and the Van finally ding with the engine blowing up...luck is going to change soon I'm sure!!! Crankworx Europe next week and some video projects coming up!

Thanks again for all the support!



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