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Round 4 at Leogang in Austria - Bernard Kerr

Round 4 at Leogang in Austria - Bernard Kerr
June 25, 2014 - 

Round 4 at Leogang in Austria came with barely a moment to spare, but with some sun shine and a great track walk done we were all super pumped to ride!


In practice we were all feeling great with Eliot killing the top of the track and towing me down and me helping him out at the bottom. The wind got up a little the first day but after a few runs Micayla was sending the jumps!

By the time qualifying came I knew I was riding well as I was hitting a few lines most weren't and Eliot was finding the tough euro roots a little harder.

Micayla put down a solid run to qualie in 9th so felt super good for finals as she knew where to improve. Eliot also put down a solid run into 45ht but the times were insanely close! I put down a smooth and safe run and made a ton of time up in the bottom to qualify in 19th place!!

After a good qualie day for all of us and rain staying away for race day we were all feeling great...its just easier when the suns out!!! Micayla had a killer top sector of the track but unfortunately made a few small mistakes at the bottom costing her some valuable time finishing in 8th just 0.5 of a second behind 7th place and 6 seconds off the podium...her closest yet this year!!

Eliot put down a super solid run but with times sooooo tight couldn't quite make up any time coming in 45th place the same as qualifying...very hard to replicate exactly the same place!!!

The day for me started off great felling awesome on the bike with it 100% dialled in and just having so much fun! I was loving the course and couldn't wait to put down the run I knew I could! I wasn't the fastest on the fast section of the track and I knew it....I had a great first section though and managed to come through split 1 only 1 second down(21st overall) but from here down is where i make up my time....coming through the 2nd split now up on the current leader(14th fastest overall)...still feeling great and ever nearing the finish on the second to last turn off a blind drop I braked just a little less than usual sending me just over the course tape....I was back in within half a second and lost time and speed! I pedal as hard as I could coming into the finish area into the LEAD for the first ever time (Ive gone into 2nd a few times but never 1st on the hot seat)... I felt great and my run was great but as soon as 1 second had gone by I realised what had just happened and how I had just landed over that tape in full view of the finish area and UCI officials....

I knew I would be lucky to keep that run that was going to put me into 13th place at the end of the day...after speaking to the technical delegate and chief commissaries from the UCI I was disqualified...I had never felt so gutted about a decision / mistake I have made in a race run. There is a lot of if only's to the situation...what if i braked more...what if I qualified out of the top 30 i wouldn't of been on the live red bull tv feed and they probably would of never seen it...the fact is the new rule that came in for this year is that if you cross the tape by any amount wether an inch or a mile and even if it slows you down by 10 minutes you must re enter the tape at the same place regardless of wether you went past any is a very black and white rule and who knows what will happen in the future as I am the second rider this year after Greg Minnar to be disqualified after leaving the tape and losing time.

I thank you sooo much for your support on this and can only go forward from this that the team is still doing great and receiving great media attention...also with this unfortunate situation the publicity has been crazy on social media...all publicity is good publicity right....nothing we can do but go forward and do even better at the next one!




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