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Team Norco 2014 World Cup #4 Leogang, Austria - Jill Kinter

 Team Norco 2014 World Cup #4 Leogang, Austria - Jill Kinter
June 24, 2014 - 

Leogang, AUT - JUNE 15, 2014 -  Round #4 of the UCI World cup took place under sunny skies last weekend in the mountains of Austria. With some changes to the course this year, and a few rain showers early in the week roughing up the terrain, Leogang Bike park proved worthy to host 340 riders an exciting World Cup event. 



For Team Norco Intl, things were going well all week with all members working together and having fun, the bikes performing amazingly, and everything at base camp running like clockwork. As far as racing, times were so close in the final that little mistakes were the difference between 15th and 40th, as both Lorenzo and Bryn found out on the weekend. Isak had still been feeling the effects from his concussion the week before, and took another spill early on in practice adding insult to injury. Jill Kintner had consistency and put a run together to finish 6th, which keeps her striving for podiums. 

JILL KINTNER - 6th “Leogang has been a really good venue for me over the years. From the first turn on, it's just huge braking bumps and holes into sweet ruts, a few switchbacks, rock gardens, high speed jump sections, steep woods with roots, etc. The ground was rolling so fast for finals, that I probably braked in a few more places than I should have, trying to hold it together.  My run was decent and I was in a good state of mind, just kicking myself now for riding the bottom too slow. The podium is where I want to be, so l will do everything I can to find more speed for the next few rounds. Overall, I am happy and having a lot of fun racing with the best."

LORENZO SUDING - 42nd "I felt great on the bike all weekend and the track was fast as heck, which I love. There were clear signs of good form in my qualifying run being 15th at the top split, so I was confident come finals. Sadly a couple mistakes made me loose time which was somewhat disappointing. Being optimistic I learned new valuable things that will make me a better racer. Looking forward to six weeks of training and racing before Round 5 in Mont Ste Anne. So back to work! Ciao!"

BRYN ATKINSON - 46th “The times in Leogang were so tight that a couple mistakes killed my result. I had good speed and was loving the course, just didn't quite have the perfection for that race. On a positive note, the team chemistry is really good, and our presence as a whole has us all building for the next rounds. I think with a bit of time off to rest and train up, we will be firing on all cylinders for St.Anne and Windham."

ISAK LIEVSSON - 63rd “Leogang was a rough one for me. I had another pretty big crash on the first day of practice, and it set my confidence back quite a bit. I managed to pull myself together so that I at least qualified, but beyond that I didn´t have much more in me. A mediocre race run put me way back in the pack. It is what it is, but it makes me more eager to get back into training hard and getting after it in these weeks off. ”





1. Manon Carpenter - GBR

2. Rachel Atherton - GBR

3. Myriam Nicole - FRA

4. Emmeline Ragot- FRA

5. Tahnee Seagrave GBR

6. Jill Kintner - USA

7. Tracey Hannah - AUS

8. Micayla Gatto - CAN

9. Morgane Charre - FRA

10. Emilie Siegenthaler - SUI



1. Josh Bryceland - GBR

2. Greg Minaar- RSA

3. Troy Brosnan- AUS

4. Brook Macdonald- NZL

5. George Brannigan - NZL

6. Matt Simmonds - GBR

7. Danny Hart - GBR

8. Andrew Neethling- RSA

9. Connor Fearon - AUS

10. Sam Hill - AUS

42. Lorenzo Suding - ITA

46. Bryn Atkinson- AUS

63. Isak Leivsson - NOR
















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