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Training and Preparations - Nick Bradley

Training and Preparations - Nick Bradley
June 07, 2014 - 

As always, the months before Nationals have been pretty slow, not very eventful, and consisting almost primarily of training and ramping up for the comp. Besides a few things, it's been training, training, training, and on the days that I'm "not" training I'm cross-training. But of course, the only thing worse than losing a national title is losing and knowing I could've done more to perform better, and I never want to experience that feeling. Training this year has been largely mental, not that I'm training to up my mental game, nor that training is un-motivating, but that I want to win so badly that the thought of not training is torture. Last year, struggling through a ruptured pulley, I had to train only fraction of what I could to prevent further injury, up until three weeks before the comp. In those three weeks, I learned how to truly push myself in training, and that simply "training" doesn't get results, but having that motivation to push my non-existent limits and give every session, every route, and every move everything. 


As of now I have a week until Divisionals in San Francisco, and a few weeks later Nationals. With running 15-20 miles weekly, and 20 minute exercises of core, push-ups, pull-ups, and stretching, cross-training has never been so helpful in my climbing, and I'm feeling strong and psyched for what's to come.

Like I mentioned before, not much has happened recently but training. At open SCS Nationals, I had a disappointing result that threw me off for a minute, but I took it as more motivation to train. Also, I fell at the very last clip of Big House 5.14a in Jailhouse (photo) second try, which is pretty cool. After Nationals I'm planning on driving to the Red River Gorge where I plan to get serious on sights in, and finally get a chance to take down as many 14's as I can find. Should be a good summer!


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