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Spring Season - Zoe Steinberg

Spring Season - Zoe Steinberg
Spring Season - Zoe Steinberg
Spring Season - Zoe Steinberg
April 30, 2014 -  Zoe Steinberg    

Over the last month, there has been a lot going on for me, relating to both climbing and other things, like school and college.  Even though it’s been a bit busy, things have been going pretty well lately, so I really can’t complain any of it.  It is pretty crazy to think that I only have eight more days of classes and a three-week internship before I am completely done with high school, but I’m excited to start college in the fall.  Things have been going well from a climbing standpoint as well, so I’ll talk about the last month of that starting with where my last post left off, after ABS Youth Nationals in early March!


After youth nationals, I was a bit frustrated at how I performed in finals.  I thought on it a lot, and realized that I kind of choked in addition to not feeling well, which made everything worse.  It was annoying, but I gradually accepted it by acknowledging that everybody has bad days and bad performances, and while it is unfortunate that it happened to me during nationals, it is an experience that I can learn from, and hopefully prevent in the future.  Coming to terms with that really helped me let go of any disappointment and get on with rope season.

Two weekends after nationals, I went down to Philadelphia to compete at their Junior Indoor Bouldering Championships.  I always enjoy this comp- the problems are great, the event is well-run, and it is a great mix of seeing friends, hanging out, and competing against a strong field of competitors.  I managed to place first this year, which I was really psyched on.  Two days after the comp, I flew down to the red to go climbing during my spring break.  Almost every day of the trip the weather was gorgeous, and I had a successful trip.  I flashed Blue Angels (12b) and Blowin’ Loadz (12c), and managed to send No Redemption (13b) on my fourth try…definitely a trip highlight!  In addition, I went trad climbing a bit with some friends of mine, and decided that it is definitely something that I really want to pursue in the future on the same level as sport climbing and bouldering.

After I got back from the red, I spent most weekends of the last month competing, with the exception of one weekend, where I went trad climbing with friends up at the Gunks, in NY.  I went to the second round of Ring of Fire, which went surprisingly well for me, and I ended up in fourth.  The comp was really fun, and definitely showed that I need to build up a bit more endurance before the bigger comps come up.  After that I went to the two SCS local comps I needed to qualify for regionals.  Regionals are coming up in two weeks, and I am feeling good about them.  I’ll put up a post talking about the comp a few days after the event.

Photo credit: Garrick Kwan

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