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Spring Break Hueco Adventure - Joseph Gifford

Spring Break Hueco Adventure - Joseph Gifford
Spring Break Hueco Adventure - Joseph Gifford
April 12, 2014 - 

For my spring break I went to Hueco Tanks once again to finish up some climbs I had been working on in the previous winter break. It was a crew of me Kyle Francis, Dalan Faulkner, Kyle Hilton, Shannon Lochridge and Tanner Merkle. I only had four climbing days while in Hueco so I didn't have too much time to project anything but I did finish some stuff up. Our first day and second we really didn't do much, it was more of a warm up to outside climbing day.  But on our rest day we had some fun because Kyle decided to do the 24 Krispy cream doughnut challenge, it was funny because he was so confident that he could do it. But he only got through 12 and tapped out. So he had to live the consequence of having 12 doughnuts in his body. My last two days were definitely my best days,  I did Tsunami (V10) which is a great climb but kind of sketch. You have to do a move where you press into a wave like feature and then top it out, the landing is really rocky, and we definitely did not have enough pads but it made the climb all more exciting. My last day I went to North Mountain and sent Loaded Direct (V11)my first go of the day which was awesome because I tried it quite a few times in my previous Hueco trip. At the very end of the day I did Black Mamba (V10) which was the most body tension intensive climb I have ever tried and it's a super short climb too only consisting of a couple moves. Overall I had a good short trip to Hueco and still have so many things to do out there.


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