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March 2014: Staying Motivated - Will Roderick

March 2014: Staying Motivated - Will Roderick
March 29, 2014 -  Will Roderick    

I have kept training hard over the past few weeks, and I’ve had the chance to experience a huge variety in setting styles through climbing at the Stanford gym, the Planet Granite gyms, the Touchstone gyms, and the Hangar 18 gyms. The diversity in styles not only has improved my climbing and setting, but also given me a better perspective on climbing more generally. I’m gaining a better appreciation of how to improve and how to help others improve. I’m beginning to recognize more and more the importance of climbing for more than just doing harder and harder climbs. Of course, checking off grades is a great feeling and is generally indicative of improvement and greater strength. But over the past few years and especially in recent months, I’ve been seeing others, from beginners to experienced climbers, get frustrated from time to time that they are plateauing, essentially because they have not checked off a new grade in a while. I think it’s natural to be frustrated when one doesn’t climb as well as hoped, but the only way to get over a plateau is to stay dedicated and excited about climbing.


From talking to buddies, meeting climbers from around California, and my own experience, I’ve been finding more and more that the best way to improve is to keep motivated and try one’s best. I think effective exercises are certainly important, and regardless, the whole process takes patience. But getting better really comes down to trying as hard as possible. Even on the off days. And from my experiences, to do so, you have to like it for more than just reaching the next grade or being the best. Otherwise, keeping sprits high becomes just about impossible because no one can just check off harder and harder climbs one day after another from the day they start climbing. You’ve got to love the sport itself – enjoy climbing in the movements or the connections with others or the satisfaction of working hard and doing your best or working towards a goal. Or all of that. The key is to stay motivated and excited, and as long is that is attained and retained so that you’re always giving it everything you possibly can when you’re climbing, improvement with follow with time.

I’m looking forward to CCS regionals at Stanford in just a week! And then nationals two weeks afterwards.


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