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ABS Nationals (Better Late than Never)

ABS Nationals (Better Late than Never)
March 22, 2014 -  Francesca Metcalf     

ISO for qualifiers is always like a big reunion, seeing people for the first time since the last big comp, or even since last year's ABS Nationals. This year definitely was no exception- it seemed like practically everyone came out for the comp, and the running order was the most stacked I had ever seen.


After a rather disappointing performance at qualifiers, partly because of my complete lack of leg strength and partly because I got super pumped on one of the first climbs and my strength was shot for the rest of the round, I was very excited, and a little surprised to hear that I managed to make it to semi-finals. Usually only 20 people move from qualifiers to semi-finals, but thanks to some non-citizens and continental champions, 24 girls, including me in 21st place, were able to climb in semis.

Semis went much better for me. I topped the first climb on my second attempt, which was a snaking slab climb that required a lot of balance.  The second climb had a two hand dyno at the start that I surprised my self by getting after only a few quick tries. The last two climbs were also really fun and I felt that I did relatively well on them as well. I was really happy with how I climbed, but I figured I would be in the middle of the pack somewhere. However, as the day went on, it became clear how well I had actually done. Very few people were getting any tops, and since tops count before anything, my top on the first climb put me in a very high place. For a long time it looked like I might even climb in finals, which would have been absolutely amazing, but at the last minute, there was an unexpected top on the fourth climb, which bumped me into 8th place, when they took 7 to finals. Of course, was a little frustrating ending up in that  place, but at the same time, I was so excited to see that kind of improvement from myself, from both the day before and last year. 

Even though ABS Nationals usually means the end of bouldering season for most people, it is just the start for me. CCS season is now well underway and I'm so psyched to see what adventures this season brings!

Photo credit: Francesca Metcalf

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