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Rockies Rampage!!!! - Erica Carlson

Rockies Rampage!!!! - Erica Carlson
Rockies Rampage!!!! - Erica Carlson
Rockies Rampage!!!! - Erica Carlson
Rockies Rampage!!!! - Erica Carlson
January 15, 2014 - 

It’s been a while since I’ve written last, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you blog world! ;) Well, I have some exciting news for you all... My hard work is starting to pay off! Competing in the Rockies Rampage Climbing Competition, hosted by Elevation Place, in Canmore, AB, I had my best finish so far this season. I was able to finish second place in an increasingly stiff field!

Currently, I’m sitting with a 5th place and 4th place finish from 2 comps earlier this season. Most recently, in December, I placed 3rd at The Hive Bouldering Comp and now can add this to the list! While I’m extremely proud of my podium finish, I’m more proud of a few other events during the comp.

The first would be that I went into finals in first place! Typically I go into finals in the middle of the pack and might work myself up a spot or two but have never qualified first. I had also made efficient use of my time and was able to stop climbing with 45 minutes left in qualifiers. This is a luxury that is almost never afforded to the female competitors in Western Canada. All I had to do was keep an eye on what everyone else was working and sending and ensure I hadn’t overestimated where I was, allowing me more recovery time between qualis and finals.

Most astounding event? I engaged with the crowd during finals. I wanted them psyched!  (Trust me when I say that getting the crowd psyched probably works way better when you don’t proceed to immediately fall off the wall...) For anyone that knows me, they know this is 100% out of character for me. I have never previously acknowledged or engaged the crowd. This isn’t because I want to be rude but rather, I’ve always been in a delicate spot (mentally) when I compete. I’ve always been somewhat anxious competing in front of crowds. So what was different this time?

I focused on having fun, I didn’t let my expectations get the best of me and I was executing what I needed to well. Hands down, the biggest part was just having fun. It’s amazing that with something you love so much you can momentarily forget that one simple thing. Each time before I went out to the next boulder, I reminded myself to Just Have Fun! I even wrote it on my wrist beforehand to ensure I had a constant reminder.

The biggest benefit of just having fun is that you take so many pressures off of yourself. I wasn’t concerned with what others might expect when I came out. I’ve always been nervous that if I were ever to qualify first I would fall to 8th place or not even be able to get off start holds.

My only concerns were having fun, putting it all out there and working my hardest to try and secure a win! Don’t forget, whatever your goal, while working hard is important, having fun is even more crucial! Enjoy the ride!

Photo credit: Jeff Walker Photography

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