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Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up

Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up
Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up
Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up
Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up
Bend Endurance Academy Fall Wrap Up
November 06, 2013 -  Mike Rougeux    

Fall has been great for the Bend Endurance Academy Climbing Team.  The team has traveled to and done well at a bunch of ABS competitions, went to the Portland Boulder Rally, and have been getting outside to sample some of the bouldering in and around Bend!


One of the highlights for the team this year has been the trip up to the Portland Boulder Rally (I'm sure everyone has already read all the sweet post about that event from all the Five.Ten athletes that were there!). This year the morning session of the PBR was a USA Climbing ABS competition. What was really cool about this was that it meant the youth teams got to climb on all of the same qualifying problems as the open field! Watching the open finals was super motivating and fun, Some of the Bend Endurance crew even got to grab some quick pics with some of the sponsored Five.Ten athletes- they were all super nice and funny too!

Another highlight this Fall was the teams weekly trip outdoors. Here in Bend the public schools get out at 1PM every Wednesday. This year the competition team took advantage of the early release to load up the van with crash pads and head out to climb on real rock. It's been awesome seeing the climbers make the transition to climbing outdoors and learning how to pad a climb, brush tick marks and enjoy being outside.

Winter seems like it's finally creeping in here in Central Oregon. That means that the ABS Regional Championships are just around the corner. It's time to head in the gym a bit more to put the finishing touches on all the training. Hopefully we'll be sending a large squad up to Seattle come January for the Divisional Championships!


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