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First Comp of the Season - Midnight Burn 2013 - Zoe Steinberg

First Comp of the Season - Midnight Burn 2013 - Zoe Steinberg
First Comp of the Season - Midnight Burn 2013 - Zoe Steinberg
First Comp of the Season - Midnight Burn 2013 - Zoe Steinberg
October 31, 2013 -  Zoe Steinberg    

The week or so after I got back from the red was basically a no-sleep work marathon.  I missed a ton of work, and still had every-day stuff to catch up on, so saying that I was stressed would have been the understatement of the year.  I got back to a normal routine relatively quickly though, and two weekends after I got back from the red I drove down to Pennsylvania for PRG’s annual Midnight Burn comp.  


I always love competing at the burn, and this year was no exception. There are lots of psyched people, fun and well-set problems, and it’s Halloween-themed. My friend Jesse and I spent a few hours after we got in on Friday night putting together our costume (Finding Nemo- he was Nemo and I was the anemone), and crashed pretty soon after since the next day was the comp. I wasn’t feeling too great during the youth redpoint round, but I managed to climb relatively well and place first. After the youth round and costume contest (Jesse and I got second), I had a few hours to kill before finding out if I had qualified for open finals, so I decided to wander around outside of the gym to work on a school photography project. After a few hours I got back to the gym, and found out that I was going into finals seeded in first.

After a little while, the other finalists and I went over to Iso. At the time we went into iso the gym seemed pretty dead, so I was really hoping that more people would wander in so that the crowd would be psyched. Iso was pretty laid back, and after about an hour I was warmed up and ready to go out.

As I went out to sit in the chair, I noticed that a significant number of people had come into the gym, which made for a really good crowd. After five minutes of sitting in the chair with everyone screaming, it was my turn to climb. The first climb was pretty cool with a lot of wooden features, and I managed to flash it pretty easily.  After this, I was walked over to the 45-degree wall for my next climb.  It was a long problem with some big, compression style moves on slopers and pinches towards the top.  It was a really cool climb with great movement, and I wound up flashing this one as well. By the amount of noise the crowd was making, I was pretty sure that I was the only one to have topped it. The third climb, the last one, was more like a route than a boulder problems. It was long, with a lot of moves on pretty good holds at the tip of my reach to start, followed by some pinches and a really hard match on a bad sloper. I got up to the hard match on my first go, but I was so shot from the rest of the day that I couldn’t get past it.  I wound up taking first in open at this comp, which was a great event that I am psyched to get back to next year.

The first quarter of my senior year is winding down this week, so I’m pretty busy right now.  I have nothing going on this weekend, but I’m going to be competing the two weekends after that, which are my last comps until regionals in mid-December.  Thanks to PRG for putting on another great event, and congrats also to Tim Rose, another Five Ten athlete who placed third in men’s open.  A huge thanks goes out to Five Ten as well for all of their amazing support.


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