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Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn

Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn
Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn
Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn
Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn
Portland Boulder Rally - Nicholas Milburn
October 17, 2013 - 

As I'm sure most of you know the Portland Boulder Rally was this past weekend and it was awesome! This was the third time the comp was held and the first time I went. I made a last minute decision to go and I'm glad I did.

When I first got the gym there was all kinds of fun stuff going on. There was a tent with sponsors, free stuff and food. Pro athletes were being interviewed. Posters were being signed. In all it was pretty cool. It seemed like Boulder temporarily relocated to Portland for the weekend and competition was fierce. Everyone in the top six for men had climbed V14 or V15. Those are pretty high numbers if you weren't sure.

Qualifiers was a simple redpoint round with amazing well set problems. One of the things I was most surprised with was that the gym was a simple woody. Wood walls are my favorite gym walls. Maybe it is because I grew up climbing on wood, but I feel most comfortable on them. I tried hard, but didn't make finals. I could have done better, but then again you can always do better.

Finals was quite the show. The climbs looked crazy fun and if fact they were (I got on them later). There was a lot of strong climbing going on. One of the most impressive things I saw was Alex Puccio chalking up during a one arm lock-off. It's great to see women crushing some sick power stuff. Jimmy Webb did some of his usual crushing and Jon Cardwell climbed crazy fast.

The next day I hung out with Jimmy, Kasia Pietras, and Chris Little. We played some glow-in-the-dark putt putt and climbed until I thought my fingers were bleeding, which really didn't take long since I climbed a lot the day before. Then we went to the airport after a fun filled and exciting weekend of climbing.

I would also like to thank my aunt for giving me a place to stay. It was much appreciated.


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