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Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus

Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
Fall Time, Area A, WolvoLand - Isabelle Faus
October 04, 2013 - 

I have been in colorado for two months now, and finally after some extremely hot and then extremely rainy weather the conditions are finally getting better. I have been limited to climbing a lot in Lincoln Lake and Area A because most of the other areas are closed due to the flooding and the recent government shut down. Even with all the clousers I have been able to get in some good days the last couple weeks


A couple weeks ago I went out to upper chaos with Nina Williams, Ashima Shiraishi, Beau, and Coury. I hadn't climbed outside with either Nina or Ashima and it was super fun to get out with some strong ladies. All three of us did the right and left el gorges and then we went up the hill to eternia. Ashima was able to take it down in a few tries. It was pretty to watch, she is a very thoughtful climber and always  gives 110 percent. Nina and I figured out the moves but weren't able to finish it quite yet, we were planning to go back but the park closed because of the flood, and then was open for a few days, but now its closed again because of the shutdown. 

About a week and half ago i started trying No More Greener Grasses, I had tried it one day at the beginning of the summer, but left shortly after for Africa. On my flash go I fell trying to match the upper crimps, but wasn't able to figure out the last couple of moves that day. My first day back out after the flooding I tried I went back to it, and was able to figure out how to match the top crimps. After a 2nd day I had all the moves and fell near the top, and then the 3rd day I did it first try. Very psyched to have done this boulder, its my hardest to date, and Im happy that it is a solid boulder for the grade. It definitely suited my style, and Im psyched to try the rest of the boulders on this wall.

I have been going to Lincoln lake a lot, but now its closed for the season. I was able to finish of kryptonite, fragile tension, unshackled sit, and a few other things this year though. Wolvo has always been a really hard place for me to climb, there are a lot of long reaches, and it seems like every problem had a really difficult lock off move. Im getting used to the style tho, bummer its closed till next year. Little House, Evil Backwards, the exfoliator, grand tension and Jamie Emerson are on the mind until then,

For now its seems I will be climbing a few days in the gym and some more days in area a, I did serat and blackie the other day, and I'm psyched to go back to the dali, silver back, and further back to more boulders. Next weekend is the Portland boulder rally competition, I'm excited for this event, and have heard that its a good time. I'm doing a clinic in the gym the following day, if your in the Portland area come out and support some strong athletes by participating  :)


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