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The World Games in Cali Columbia!! - Joseph Gifford

The World Games in Cali Columbia!! - Joseph Gifford
The World Games in Cali Columbia!! - Joseph Gifford
The World Games in Cali Columbia!! - Joseph Gifford
The World Games in Cali Columbia!! - Joseph Gifford
September 18, 2013 - 

The World Games was probably the most amazing and epic event I have ever experienced. First of all it was the World Games so it was all the sports that are being considered being in the Olympics, so there were hundreds of athletes from all over the world competing in Cali. The people of Cali were all super nice and just over all fun people. It was kindav amazing how nice and friendly everyone was it blew my mind. The US team consisted of Josh Levin, Cicada Jenerik and I, so not very big. We arrived in Cali a week before the actual competition started, which allowed us to see some of the other sports. We first saw ultimate Frisbee which was awesome it was amazing what they could do with a Frisbee and how they could make the Frisbee fly so smoothly. But one of the most amazing sports we saw was acrobatic gymnastics which consisted of a four person team and they did handstands stacked on top of each other and then threw there smaller teammate into the air and caught him, it was insane. After that was synchronized trampolining which looked super hard because they had to stay in sync with each other when doing their flips and stuff on the trampoline. We also happened to catch the finals of Rugby between South Africa and New Zealand which was awesome because they would full on tackle each other without pads or protection it was brutal but awesome at the same time.

Because we were athletes in the World Games almost everyone wanted to take a picture with us we couldn’t go out into the streets without getting asked to take a picture with someone it was pretty awesome, because now I know how it feels to be famous. But I embraced it because I knew I would probably never get that much fame again. Cali had a whole bunch of fruits that I didn't know even existed, one of the best fruits was the Lulo which an amazing juice that has kindav a tart taste, it almost tastes like a kiwi but better and I drank it almost every day.

The competition started Saturday and there were 17 climbers competing, most of them the top competitors like Ramon Julien and Jacob Schubert. So the competition was pretty stiff. My climb wasn't too bad it was just hard consistent moves to the top. When I went out to the climb I super psyched and felt great, I got on the climb I made it pretty high up but I fell because I messed up the beta and had plenty of energy to keep going. I didn’t have the best climbing day but none the less it was still an amazing competition. Later that day I watched the finals in the hot sun. Ramon Julien ended up winning the gold which was amazing to watch him almost finish the finals climb. After the competition we went to the closing ceremony which was totally insane. The city of Cali's stadium filled with 39 thousand people to be at the closing ceremony with live music and dancing. It was great, Josh, Cicada and I even helped the Australians start a wave in the audience. It was a pretty good last night to spend in Cali. So the next day I flew back to America and then to Canada for the World Youth Championships.


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