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Leavenworth, Washington - Riley Joyce

Leavenworth, Washington - Riley Joyce
August 30, 2013 -  Riley Joyce    

Looking outside a car window for 8 hours can be very boring. But luckily the destination is Leavenworth, Washington. My climbing team and I are going to do a little ABS truing on the beautiful mosey rocks here. The first day, we went straight to climbing. Once it became dusk we set our tents up and I fell asleep by the fire. With much excitement we woke up early the next day to go climb. Around 12:30 it was become to hot to climb. Therefore we all jumped in the Wenatchee River, then we ate lunch.

After a nap and delicious dinner we packed our bags and went to the next climbing spot. I found a great worm up route, V4. It was in a cave which went there was SHADE! The route starred with a sit start on two small crisis then out to another crimp. Finally, match on the sloppy finish and to out. This was by far the best route on Leavenworth.

The next afternoon we headed over to a route called cowboy, V3, very fun route with a very scary top out. This route has very good holds on a slight overhang. This was the last route I did before we headed back home. I had a great time with my climbing team and felt very strong while climbing. With all the training I have done the past few months has paid off. In two weeks I am heading to Lost Rocks, California for another climbing trip!


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