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Training for Worlds - Zoe Steinberg

Training for Worlds - Zoe Steinberg
Training for Worlds - Zoe Steinberg
Training for Worlds - Zoe Steinberg
Training for Worlds - Zoe Steinberg
August 27, 2013 -  Zoe Steinberg    

 Sorry this blog post is so late- for some reason, I seem to get just as busy over the summer as I do during the school year, just with different things.  This summer has been especially packed, as it is not only the summer before my senior year of high school, meaning all sorts of fun college stuff, but it is also the first time in two years that I qualified to compete at the IFSC world youth cup.  


As I mentioned in my last post, in the beginning of July, I went to the SCS youth nationals in Atlanta, where I managed to place fourth and earn an invite to worlds.  Immediately after the awards ceremony, I headed back to the red with my team.  I normally do that after nationals, but this year was different because I was still in training.  Ultimately, I decided to approach training for worlds similarly to how I would approach training for nationals, which meant I basically just tried to do a lot of hard pitches every day.  I did that for the two weeks I was down there, but unfortunately the weather was starting to get a lot more humid, not to mention hotter, which made training a bit more difficult as well.

After those two weeks, I headed back home for a couple weeks.  There were both pros and cons to this; on the plus side, I would now get to train for the competition in air conditioning rather than 90% humidity, but the downside was that my training was taking place mainly on a bouldering wall.  I tried to make the best of it, and ended up doing a lot of circuits and projecting to try and be able to both hold on for a long time and pull hard moves whenever necessary.

After a couple weeks at home, I left again.  This time, I went to Philadelphia, where I am doing an internship for most of August, with a short break in the middle for worlds.  Until then, it is more training for it.  Thanks to everyone for reading this, and I will make sure to be more on time with my next post about how the competition went.    

Photo credit: Philadelphia Rock Gym

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