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Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden

Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
Finally Feeling Fully Healed! - Sam Hayden
August 26, 2013 - 

I'm finally feeling back up to the strength I was at before I broke my tibia last August.  I can't believe it's taken this long.  Throughout the entire process I have kept climbing but the leg never felt like it was back up to speed until now.  Comp season for bouldering last fall was a wash due to the broken bone and then I came down with a bug at regionals and attempted to climb with a high fever...didn't work out so well!

The last 6 months I've been focused on getting back up to full strength, working on new climbs, and teaching myself everything there is to know about electronic music - which I think is going to be my second lifelong passion in addition to climbing.  This summer I spent my days writing music, training, and cleaning and climbing new boulders.  We've discovered 3 really high quality new areas near my home town and each has the potential for 100-150 boulder problems so I've got my work cut out for me.

I got to take a dream trip this summer to Norway for two weeks to visit a friend who is an electronic music producer!  What an amazing country.  It was beautiful, mountains, rivers, glaciers, amazing cliffs and boulders!  While there we put on an online music festival, arranged 30 producers to perform, and had people attend from over 20 different countries.  It was an epic trip and I definitely want to get back there to climb...lots of rock with no chalk!

I've got some pics of the new climbing in Vermont, a trip to Lumpy Ridge this past spring, and the elusive Dana Seaton.  Also a short video with three Vermont first ascents and music I wrote and produced.

Well...fall send temps are starting to happen...some 50's and 60's this week...time to get climbing!


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