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Colorado Alpine Summer - Matt Lubar

Colorado Alpine Summer -  Matt Lubar
Colorado Alpine Summer -  Matt Lubar
Colorado Alpine Summer -  Matt Lubar
July 04, 2013 - 

This last month has reminded me why Colorado is the greatest place on earth. Long days in the mountains, endless amounts of  amazing lines in incredible places, and good friends to enjoy them with. What could be better?

In between coaching summer camps at the ABC gym in Boulder, trying to put away some money for a potential European tour in Fall/Winter of 2014, I’ve been lucky enough to find ample time to head up to RMNP and Mt. Evans. As usual, there is never a lack of psych or strong, motivated people to go climbing with, and my own psych is also at an all time high. I’ve also been doing a fair amount of training whenever I can’t get outside, usually consisting of a campus board session followed by 4x4s or some route climbing with some conditioning (mostly weight circuits and core) to top it all of. Add all of the hiking I’ve been doing in the alpine on top of that and I’m starting to feel in very good form! I’ve definitely begun to see results from all the training as well, as I’ve managed to get to the top of some projects, both old and new.  The month of June was probably my most productive ever, as I was able to tick Purple Is Not a Color, Future Development, Skipper Roof Right (all V10), Phobos, Honey Badger, Valis, and Gobot (all V11).

I’m looking forward to these last few months of alpine bouldering, and hope they are as productive as the previous ones were!

Photo credit: Michael Bartley

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