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Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)

Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
Five Ten Water Tennies: Revisited - Kim Becker (Russell)
May 17, 2013 - 

My Five Ten Water Tennies first graced my feet on October 31, 2011.  

Let me be the first to say, that I am very picky about my paddling shoes and the rubber I choose to wear on my feet. On my feet, I am a bit of a klutz, and as a paddler, I find myself walking on things and in places where I typically slip and slide around. Therefore, I am I need a shoe that will stick to just about anything I decide to walk on: high angle rock, low angle rock, mossy rock, sandy rock, muddy rock, sticks, ice, snow, anything and everything, all the while carrying a 60 lb. kayak on my shoulder. While I had my reservations, as I do any new paddling shoe, I was blown away by the quality of Five Ten's Water Tennies: The Fit, The Rubber, everything!

Over the last year and I half, I have taken my Water Tennies through their paces, and figured it was time for an update on their longevity.  Aside from simply paddling, I've hiked in/out of places one too many times, left them in my Thule box for far too long, and dried them in the sun one-too-many times.

Here's the verdict:

The Fit:

The Water Tennie fits like a glove! Overtime, after enough UV exposure the mesh side material has slightly stretched, however, not enough to effect the fit of the shoe. They are still ridiculously comfortable, dry fairly quickly by paddling shoe standards, and have generally held up as I'd expected. Even after a year and a half, dirt and grim still manage to stay out of my shoes.

The Rubber:

The Stealth Rubber is STICKY! It sticks to any surface you are brave enough to walk on (Brand of the Brave!), and holds up well in extreme temperatures, as well as after UV exposure. The rubber provides good insulation between your foot and the ground as well, particularly noticeable in snow. The sharp rubber "edge" has stayed intact and to this day I am still finding those tiny footholds special thanks to said rubber "Edge".

Overall Review after 1 1/2 years of paddling the Water Tennie:

All in all, the Water Tennie is a great paddling shoe. They have excellent wet and dry traction, are very comfortable, and offer protection in all the right places! My beloved Water Tennie is and always will be my go-to shoe for whitewater kayaking!

See you on the river,

Kim Becker

Photo credit: Adam Mills Elliott

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