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Spring in Colorado - Angela Payne

Spring in Colorado - Angela Payne
Spring in Colorado - Angela Payne
Spring in Colorado - Angela Payne
May 15, 2013 - 

After some unseasonably snowy weather, Spring has finally come to Colorado!  I have been trying to take advantage of the mostly gorgeous weather to get outside and climb.  I have been working at a new job recently, and I am finding that when I do have time to climb, I am much more motivated to do so.  As a result, I have actually managed to get some great climbing done over the past few months.  


Back in February, I began to go out to Boulder Canyon in my free time.  Despite its incredibly close proximity to my house, I haven't spent a great deal of time in this area.  While I'm not sure how this happened (seeing that I have lived in Boulder for ten years now), I am happy that I now have some great little boulders to work on in the canyon.  The Hug boulder, for example, was developed more recently and has three great problems packed into a pretty small boulder.  The granite is some of the better rock I have seen in Boulder Canyon, and the climbing is incredibly fun. I managed to finish the left and middle Hug boulders on my first day, but the Hug Right took some additional work.  This boulder begins with a very powerful move followed by some exhausting but fun compression climbing. The top out of this is quite desperate, and I fell at this point one day before completing the boulder.  I loved working on this climb, as it was a perfect mix of power and technique, and was very close to home too!

I also completed a great little thuggy boulder called Authentic Battle Damage, and also began working on the sit start.  While this boulder is also relatively small, the climbing is a great combination of gymnastic movement, hard heel hooking, and compression.  The top out is superb as well!  After finishing the stand start to this boulder, I went to work on the sit start, which revolves around difficult heel hooks and core power.  I absolutely loved this boulder, and was psyched to finish it off after a few days of work.  

After spending some days in Boulder Canyon, I decided to check out Wild Basin, an area in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Word had it the snow was melting there, so we went to check it out.  Initially, the road leading up to the main parking lot for this area was closed, which made for a few days of very long approaches to the objective-- a boulder called Tetris.  Although some of the holds on this boulder are a bit crystaly, the climbing is fantastic.  The problem is the quintessential refrigerator squeeze-box boulder that revolves around hard left heel hooks and a long sequence of precise movements.  On the first and second days trying this boulder, I was too fatigued at the top to finish it off.  On the third day, I didn't feel all that great on the climb, but I had a try hard moment and refused to let go before finishing it off.  I was very happy to get this one done, and I had a wonderful time climbing on it over the course of three days with various good friends.  This boulder got me psyched for the approaching season in Rocky Mountain National Park!  

So far, the Spring has proved very successful for outdoor bouldering!  My motivation is building with every day, and I can't wait to get back to some boulders I have left unfinished over the years.  Colorado climbing is treating me well!  


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