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Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn

Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn
Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn
Yes, Austin is Weird - Nicholas Milburn
May 13, 2013 - 

I think I will just write a quick blurb about my adventures last weekend.

Brendan Mitchell, a recent addition to the Brand of the Brave, told me he was going to be in Austin for his dad's (Bruce) 50th birthday and that I should join him so we can climb together. I jumped at the idea. Tiffany Murphy and Sam Rothstein also drove down from Dallas and we meet up with Joe Gifford who lives in Austin. We all arrived at different times, so I ate dinner with Brendan and his family at this super nice golf resort place. It was the first time I used valet parking which was cool. Once Tiffany and Sam arrived we went to Joe's house and set up camp in his back yard. Brendan came with us and camped out on my crash pad. It ended up being surprisingly cold that night. In fact when Brendan woke up he had ice on his sleeping bag. My 45 degree sleeping bag didn't quite cut it than night.

Our first day of climbing was spent at Flat Creek. Sam was excited to just see rock and wanted to get on everything. Brendan, Joe and I were told of this 5.14a that was supposed to be amazing. Tiffany loves rock climbing and was equally psyched to be out. After we all got warmed up we went to find the Big Rig (the 5.14a). It took awhile considering Flat Creek isn't all that big. We all gave it a go and made all the moves. I fell off near the top because my arms were about to explode and my pump was clouding my vision.

 We all took a swim break. There was a cool cliff that allowed for cliff jumping and some deep water soloing. Brendan ripped a nice hold off in the roof, but the cliff was short so everything ended up well. Brendan definitely had the biggest balls that day and did a back flip off the cliff.

After the swim Joe got back on Big Rig and sent! It was awesome and we got to hear some classic Joe screams. I had to take Brendan to meet up with his parents and pick up my tent from Joe's house because we were camping at Flat Creek that night, so we left Flat Creek for a moment. By the time we got back the sun was beginning to set and darkness was coming. I wanted to give one more burn on Big Rig, so I got my head lamp and Tiffany and I ran down. We gathered up our stuff and headed to the climb. When we got there I realized I forgot my head lamp on the other side of Flat Creek, but went any way. Luckily I started when I did because I was getting dark when I got to the top and I couldn't see feet very well. After my ugly top out I sent! I was so psyched I gave it a nice big victory whipper.  A good finish to the day.

The next day we had a slow start filled with entertaining children with unicycles and slacklining. After a breakfast of pie and tea Tiffany and I headed to Reimer's Ranch. Sam and Joe meet up with us after awhile. One of my goals was to do Elephant Man. Climbing across amazing stalactites in a roof with knee bars everywhere. I knocked that one out early. My other goal was to do Irreverent Youth. We walked down to that area, but first Tiffany and I did some 5.12 Thu told us to try. Joe and I got on Irreverent Youth. I gave it a decent burn and made all the moves. Joe gave it an amazing burn and fell on the last move (he has done this three times now). Our next tries were pretty bad. Tiffany and Sam got on one other route and then we went swimming.

Once we all packed up and parted ways. Tiffany and Sam went back to Dallas and I went back to Houston. One more weekend of adventures to add to my steadily growing list.


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