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Spring Break and New Shoes! - Sierra Carroll

Spring Break and New Shoes! - Sierra Carroll
Spring Break and New Shoes! - Sierra Carroll
Spring Break and New Shoes! - Sierra Carroll
March 22, 2013 - 

Ahhhh the sweet smell of new climbing shoes. Definitely one of my favorites smells in the world, yesterday my new climbing shoes came in just in time for my Spring Break trip. With a new pair of my beloved Dragons as well as some new Team's which I am very excited to get climbing in tomorrow I am more excited then ever to be leaving today for Joes Valley. After having some great training sessions at the Spot these past weeks it is finally just about time to get in the car to make the long drive to Joes Valley in Utah. Needless to say I am very excited, with not being able to climb as much as I would have liked the past year because of health issues I am beyond excited to be heading out today to climb for 5 days in Joes. Though I have never been to Joe's Valley I have spent lots of time looking up many of the what look to be awesome problems that I hope to get on in the next week. With the weather being cold but clear I cant wait to climb on some amazing problems and find some new projects and hopefully some new great sends. 


These past few weeks I have spent a lot of time training for the upcoming trip to Joes as well as getting in a few routes here and there. With the route season getting up and running for the youth I am coaching I have been getting more and more excited about climbing routes. I have been able to get on a few of the great 5.13's that have been put up lately at the Boulder Rock Club and have been very excited about helping the kids begin to train for routes. As a kid I had always loved and hated the time between bouldering season and route season. With the excitement of bouldering nationals ending and the anticipation of climbing tons of fun problems I would always get back from Nationals to have my coaches tell me it was time to gain back my endurance..... As a kid that was always the last thing I wanted to do, after watching so many strong powerful moves at Nationals I was excited to Boulder not get on lap after lap of routes. Though after about the first week I was always back excited to be on routes and working towards route nationals and getting back on hard routes. It has been great these past few weeks to get to watch the kids go through this as they transition from bouldering to routes. With this change as the kids have begun projecting and training on hard routes this past week or so it has gotten me very excited to get on hard routes. Though I lack endurance it is great to be back on a rope and getting to work with the kids as they begin to train for routes. 


Well I have spent much of the past few weeks spending countless hours in class wishing and dreaming about climbing outside in the nice weather. As with the spastic weather pattern going on in Colorado we have had some very nice days along with some nasty weather days. Sadly most of the nasty weather days have fallen on the weekends when it is easiest for me to climb outside I have been getting more and more excited about climbing outside at Joes Valley. Well as it is just about time for me to get in the car I will end with this. Though hopefully when I write again I will have plenty of fun and hard sends to discuss along with plenty of projects to be excited about getting on later this year. Till after Joes..... 


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