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Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz

Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
Pro GRT #1 & Virgin Utah Trip - Luke Hontz
March 20, 2013 -  Five Ten    

This past week was pretty amazing.  I got a new GT Fury and headed to the dessert for the first Pro GRT with my girlfriend, Allison Oliver and good friend Mikey Sylvestri.  I took a few days off along the way to ride my new whip in Virgin, UT and Bootleg Canyon, NV.  Thanks to Allison, we ended up with some fun shots that I thought I would share with the Five Ten nation.


We started by pinning it to Bootleg Canyon to ride and help break up the road trip out to our final destination: the old Rampage site in Virgin, UT. When we arrived in Boulder City, we met up with Cody Kelley and his dad and found out the race course was on Kevorkian, which was pretty surprising to all of us. This course is extremely nasty, to say the least!

Five Ten rider Graeme Pitts slaying the bottom of Kevorkian.  Graeme took a line no other riders opted to take.

After a day in Bootleg we headed to the old Rampage site in Virgin, UT.  Things got pretty nasty when Mikey found this step-down to hip.  Take a second and look how high Mikey is going out of this hip!

After riding the Rampage site we headed to Flying Monkey, and scoped King Kong.   As you can see we were all pretty stoked.  This shot is of all of us about half way down Flying Monkey, at the drop in above King Kong

We also rode on the other side of the Virgin Valley at Grafton Mesa.  At the end of Grafton Mesa, there is a huge road gap Mikey talked me into hitting. Unfortunately we didn’t get an action shot, it was a spur of the moment thing.  But here I am standing under it with the dog. I will have to admit about half way across I was pretty scared. It was probably the biggest jump I have hit in a long time. I spend more time these days writing emails than riding bikes.

We headed back to Bootleg stopping in ST. George, UT, to ride a local trail that Logan Binggeli told us about. Here is a shot of me hitting one of the step downs. This place had about a hundred 15 foot long and lows.

After St. George I needed to get back to work and Mikey and Allison needed to get ready for racing, so we hightailed back to Bootleg. Here are some shots from the race of Johnny Widen and Jackie Harmony.

The weekend ended really well for Allison getting 2nd in Cat 1 women, and Mikey getting 3rd in Pro men.  I was pretty stoked that the Five Ten team had a solid podium in Men’s & Women’s Pro, Open, and JR Expert.

Men’s DH Pro

1st Logan Binggeli

3rd Mikey Sylvestri

4th Kyle Sangers

5th Kevin Aiello

Women’s DH Pro

1st Jackie Harmony

2nd Christine Dern

3rd Joy Martin

Open DH Men

1st Mike Fucci

2nd Jeff Frampton

3rd Gene Hamilton

My favorite shot of the weekend. This little guy hanging with Bender…. check out his shoes. Already wishing he were big enough for Five Tens!

Mikey and I scoping King Kong.

Me, happy to be on vacation!

Hope you guys enjoyed,

Luke Hontz

Five Ten Bike Director


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