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ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn

ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
ABS 14 Open Nationals - Nicholas Milburn
February 26, 2013 - 

ABS Open Nationals came to an exciting close this past weekend!!! Congratulations to Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio for an impressive win once again. This was my second adult competition. Last year I barely missed qualifying for semifinals in 22nd place. This time I knew I had it in me to make it to semi’s, but I always shoot for finals!!!

Anyway, first off was qualifiers. I climbed about midway through the pack which turned out a great thing. Colin Bauer and I were chair buddies which was fun. I ended up sending four of the five qualifiers and falling off the finish hold on the other climb. I was pretty psyched with my performance and even more psyched when I found out I was in 7th after qualifiers!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not anticipating to place quite that high. Now I knew I definitely had what it takes to make finals! All I had do was move up one place… easy right?

The next day I was ready and pumped for semi’s. Actually I was really tired from qualifiers, but who cares. We only had four climbs instead of five which was nice. I sent the first climb in two goes which was a slab. I got really close the second climb which was a crazy volume thing. I ended up falling of the top. I got shut down on the third climb. I was definitely wearing my lady pants on that climb. I did the fourth problem on my second try. With that performance I dropped down to 11th. I should have done better, especially on the 3rd climb, but I’m still psyched!!! I think I held my own fairly well.

When I went to watch finals there was a line out the door and down the block to get in. I have never seen a line to watch climbing before. Alex Fritz and I asked Kynan Waggoner for a media pass, so we could take photos and surprisingly we got one! We had to share the pass, but even that was better than I was expecting. Needless to say finals was awesome! Cool Problems and strong climbers. 


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