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2013 Goals - Alex Fritz

2013 Goals - Alex Fritz
2013 Goals - Alex Fritz
February 01, 2013 - 

2013 is a new year which means new goals for climbing! I have a lot of hopeful plans for this year and I am excited to see how they unfold.

Next month I am headed to Colorado Springs for the ABS Open Nationals, where I will be in both Colorado Springs and Boulder for about a week each. This is my first adult bouldering nationals and I am very excited to see how I do! My goal for the event is Top 16 or to make Semi-Finals! 

Lately I've been working full time coaching and route setting at the gym, and I am loving it. Last year I received my Level 1 USAC Certification for route setting and I am looking forward to expanding my experience in this field. My goal this year is to earn my Level 2 Certification and to coach at SCS Youth Nationals for Vertical World! Along with my certification, I would like to set at more Regional and Divisional events.

I was not able to climb outside as much as I would have liked to last year, but when I did I managed to climb both V11 and V12 which were my hardest boulder grades at the time. I did not rope climb that much at all, so I would really like that to change. My goal for climbing outside is to get at least 50 days in outside this year (none so far)! On top of 50 days of outside climbing, I would love it if I could travel to two new areas that I've never been to. My goal for this is Hueco next fall or winter, and maybe Europe in the summer with a couple friends! 

Those are my major climbing goals for the 2013 season. Thank you to FiveTen for providing me with the best shoes for climbing and setting, I wouldn't be able to achieve my goals with out you!


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