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Happy Days in Hueco - Nina Williams

Happy Days in Hueco - Nina Williams
Happy Days in Hueco - Nina Williams
Happy Days in Hueco - Nina Williams
January 16, 2013 - 

In the midst of moving from Fort Collins to Boulder, Beau and I decided to drop our boxes and high-tail it to the desert for some New Years festivities and sending. It turned out to be a great decision, as the trip started out strong and is finishing up even stronger, and I still have a couple more climbing days before we have to leave!


My goal for this trip was a problem called Focus, a tall V10 with overhanging crimps and committing last moves. I had fallen at the top of Focus again and again during last year's Rodeo, so I felt a bit apprehensive this time around. I hopped on it during the second day of our trip but still couldn't muster the courage for the top, and went away with more doubt than before. I took a break from it and built up my confidence with a flash of Ultramega (V8) and Mangum (V8/9) as well as sends of The Hand (V10) and Eckstein (V10). These climbs steeled my resolve for Focus, and I returned after a week and took it down first go of the day! Every hold felt perfect and every move went smoothly, so I was able to proudly (and gingerly) make my way up the airy 5.9 topout.

With my trip goal complete I was able to branch out and explore other problems on my ticklist. I overcome Glas Roof (V9), another Rodeo nemesis. I also added Mojo (V10), Sunshine (V11), Chbalanke (V11), and the classic Power of Silence (V10) to the list. While I consider Focus my proudest send of the trip, Chbalanke was probably my hardest. I had tried this problem last season and the moves felt incredibly hard, but with some subtle foot flagging I was able to make progress and send! 

With only one or two more climbing days left, I plan on working Full Service and Mo-Mojo but I am pretty happy with what I've climbed already. I am really excited to get back to the Rockies and finish our move to Boulder, settle into a regular schedule, and train train train for Nationals! Time to get back into competition mode!


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