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The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn

The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
The Best Presents - Nicholas Milburn
January 15, 2013 - 

This Christmas holiday a good chunk of my family and I went out to Chattanooga, Tennessee. I think I go to Tennessee every holiday I possibly can which is awesome because the southeast has a lot of great quality sandstone. Most of my family that came down for the holiday also rock climb, so it's not your average family Christmas where you go do the family stuff as fast as possible then book it to the closest crag.


I've been waiting to go back to Chatt since march. I left my project undone which I hate doing. In fact I even had a dream where I sent my project shortly before I drove out there. The first day I got there I went straight to stare down The Shield. Weather was perfect, I had lots of pads and my body was fresh. All the holds felt familiar, and surprisingly better than I remember which was strange considering I hadn't touched any of them in months. I sent The Shield that day. Best day of climbing ever. I have never been more psyched to do a boulder!

We got rained out two days, but it worked out well because it timed up nicely with Christmas day. The day after Christmas, Jimmy Webb and I hiked around Dayton and checked out/cleaned a project. It’s this wicked roof with some bad holds and big moves. We spent way too much time moving around a giant rock in the fall zone. With brute strength and lots of digging we showed it whose boss! Jimmy showed me this amazing boulder called Western Gold. I never got on it, but it’s definitely on my tick list. After Dayton we did a quick sesh at TBA since the rain kept us from climbing for way too long. TBA is a pretty small gym, but they have some good quality plastic climbs.

Luckily the weather was improving, so the next day I went back to LRC to work The Law. The rest of my family thought it was too cold to climb (pretty lame I know), so it was just me. I got to the point where I could all the moves except the first one, but I was getting tired, so I called it a day went home.

The next day I went back to LRC and this time everyone else came along to climb too. I went straight out to The Law. Once I stuck that first move it was over. Unfortunately I forgot to turn the camera on when on my send go, so no video. Now I filled the gap in my grades.

The next day we all went and watched the Hobbit as our rest day activity. After the rest day we all went out to Rock Town. We ran around and got on a bunch of classic stuff like Sherman Photo roof and Nose Candy. I went and tried Golden Harvest. Once we got there it started raining, so my tries were limited. I ended up sticking the crux move, but I fell one the last move. We called it a day headed home.

Phil Symons and Brian Towner drove up from Houston for the week. Once they arrived we all went out to LRC again. We all got this high ball V5 with a sketchy top out. It wasn't all that hard, but still sketchy. Brian sent his old nemisis, Cast Away, and then he and Phil went and worked on Robbing the Tooth Fairy. Brian fell at the very end, but both ended up sending later in the trip. I wanted to finish up King James which is this wicked scary V10. It has a perfectly flat landing, but your body is horizontal and pretty high off the deck. The sketchiest part is when you get to the top and you get a good heel-hook and a big block slopper then cross to a tiny crimp. I didn't like the tiny crimp, so I crossed really big to the next hold. I matched, cut my feet and held a giant swing. After that it's over.

It got rainy again, so Brian, Phil and I went for a quick sesh at TBA. The weather didn't improve much the next day, so my family and I went to Atlanta and climbed for the day at Stone Summit. We all got seriously pumped which is always fun. Who doesn't like getting pumped? Brian and Phil went to LRC to search the dry boulders amongst the rivers. This was the day that Brian ended up sending Robbing the Tooth Fairy.

Last day of the trip we all went back out to Rock Town. My goal was to send Golden Harvest and Iron Claw Sit. Brian wanted to send The Orb and The Vagina. Phil's fingers were bleeding all over the place, so he didn't do too much climbing. Brian ended up sending The Orb with a very graceful top out. It was pretty funny to watch. I went straight to Golden Harvest once I got warm and sent quickly. We then walked down to Iron Claw which I did not send quickly. Brian sent the stand, V7, which I thought was one of the best V7s ever. I ended up sending the Sit after a bunch of goes and two of my pads started gushing blood.  Last problems of the day were The Vagina and The Womb. Brian made quick work of The Vagina. I got all the moves down quickly on The Womb, but two more pads started bleeding and all the tap on my hands was not helping me climb. I fell on the last move a bunch of times and my hamstring cramped up on the last go. Overall I call it a good last day.

On the drive home my Uncle realized he had a hole in his pocket and he lost his car keys. We looked around for them, but they were lost in leaves of Rock Town. We all piled into my mom's car, everyone had another person on their lap. Luckily a bunch of them were kids.

Till next time Chattanooga! 


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