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Competition Lessons - Erica Carlson

Competition Lessons - Erica Carlson
Competition Lessons - Erica Carlson
Competition Lessons - Erica Carlson
November 22, 2012 -  Erica Carlson    

I’m two comps into the season so far and have done a lot of learning so far (or at least I feel I have, hopefully the lessons stick). It’s quite different having comps start this early for those of us in Western Canada. Typically at this point, we’ve only had 1-2 fun comps.

Mentally, I don’t think I’ve been quite ready for it but the plus to that is that I haven’t focused so much on my week leading up to comp routine/prep. I’ve been able to pinpoint a few things that work for me and a few that don’t. (I.e. a whole bag of Juicy fruit gummies the day before a comp is a very dumb idea...)

The first comp I did, the lesson I learned was that confidence goes a long way. For a few days leading up to the comp, I repeatedly told myself that I was fully capable of making finals and that I am strong enough to place well. The difference between this comp and a comp a week later (in Vancouver) was that at the comp in Vancouver, there were a few times when I doubted my capabilities. As soon as I reminded myself how strong I am and of a similar problem I’d sent previously, I would send the problem. Believe in your capabilities and don’t think you can’t do something because it’s ‘not your style’.

Learning to move on is my biggest take away from the second comp... Typically I tell myself that I have three attempts to send a problem, if I can’t get it within that many attempts, move on. I didn’t listen to myself and my ‘rules’ at all at this comp. There were two problems that I took about 6 tries on.... Double my personal allotment for them. Meanwhile there were problems worth more points that I had tried once, gotten close to the end of and left. Had I spent my time more wisely and not gotten so zoned in, I’d have had more energy and likely have been able to send a problem that had the potential to put me in finals.

The final lesson I got was to take off the horse blinders... It’s great to be so focused on what you’re doing right now that it’s all you’re thinking about, until you forget about the huge feet right beside the foothold that’s not letting you reach quite far enough.... I need to learn to look around and not try to use my strength and bulldoze through a problem. Focusing for me needs to encompass focusing on the big picture and not just 1 or 2 moves.

Hopefully my lessons will help soften your lessons! ;) Happy sending (and confidence, and moving on and horse blinder removing....)!!!


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