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The Big Country, Little Big Country, and Everything in Between - Ryan Silven

The Big Country, Little Big Country, and Everything in Between - Ryan Silven
The Big Country, Little Big Country, and Everything in Between - Ryan Silven
November 16, 2012 -  Ryan Silven    

I've never been one for sitting still. Staying in one place bores me, makes me antsy. I'm never content to just climb in the gym waiting for the next big trip. Every opportunity I have I want to be out climbing, exploring, brushing, hiking, driving, MOVING. The itch to move was especially strong this October. I finally got the opportunity to check out a new, amazing area that my friends, Jamie Emerson, Collin Horvat, and Jesse Brown, had been raving about and traveling to: Devil's Kitchen. The Kitchen lies smack dab in the middle of Wyoming's Big Country and is as wild as one can imagine. The approach is rugged; the location remote; the amenities scant; the boulders unbelievable. Over the course of three weekends I sampled the best boulders that The Kitchen has to offer and added a few of my own. Check out Cameron Maier's video about the Big Country to see myself in action!


My pace back home in Boulder hadn't slowed just because I was away in the Big Country on the weekends. The new and refreshing boulders and locales I was seeing had me itching to see what else we had close to home. My exploration was rewarded with a few new boulders to try over the coming Winter months. Hopefully blog posts and videos about new, hard boulders on the Front Range are in the future! Video of a recent send of a long-standing project of mine at Newlin Creek, aka Little Big Country, is forthcoming. Also, just this past Wednesday I made the trek to check out a fellow Flatirons aficionado's handy work, Famous Anonymous Wilderness. This great boulder was put up by Matt Battaglia just a few days prior to my visit. I knew as soon as I saw this boulder that it both fit me well and would be something that I would enjoy. Squeezing crimps with high perch feet and heelhooks is my bread and butter. Sure enough, after a heel pick on my flash attempt and a quick run-through of the middle moves, I topped this archetypal arete out on my next try from the start after executing every move precisely and grabbing every scant hold perfectly. Famous Anonymous Wilderness was a reminder of everything the Flatirons can be: beautiful boulders in a great setting close to home. More is sure to come.


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