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Danny MacAskill visits the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome

Danny MacAskill visits the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome
Danny MacAskill visits the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome
Danny MacAskill visits the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome
October 17, 2012 - 

Munich, October 17th 2012 – Two Scotsman: one a YouTube phenomenon and the other a six time Olympic Champion, met up to film a clip in support of Glasgow’s successful bid for the XX Commonwealth Games in 2014. Street trials and velodrome racing are worlds apart but with some tips from the most decorated Olympic cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy - Danny takes to the circuit for a couple of laps. Watch the highlight clip on youtube:

Even though we never get bored of it, we are all used to seeing Danny with his iconic orange colored Inspired trials bike and POC halfshell helmet, usually jumping and spinning around town. However, in support of Glasgow 2014 Danny trades in his usual gear for some ‘flattering’ lycra and an aerodynamic helmet to ride alongside Sir Chris Hoy at Glasgow’s velodrome – deservedly named after Sir Chris himself.


In Danny’s own words: “Sir Chris is just a legend and having the opportunity to work with him was quite a surreal experience and to be honest one I'll never forget!”

Danny has never ridden a velodrome before so putting aside his small trials bike with thick tires for a bigger, faster racing bike with ultra thin tires was a challenging experience. To ride the velodrome you need “pistons for legs” in order to race round the track and take on the steep walls. Visually comparing Danny with Sir Chris – the master of the velodrome - it became obvious that Danny had to push hard to get a good lap time. However, being the true athlete that Danny is, he took the challenge in his stride. But for all the loyal Danny fans out there, don’t worry – it is unlikely that Danny will be switching careers in the near future.

Before the inaugural ride in the Velodrome, Danny put on a little demonstration for Sir Chris to illustrate what street trials is about and what it involves. Sir Chris Hoy, one of Britain’s biggest sporting icons praised Danny for his skills saying: “Having the opportunity to film with Danny was brilliant. It was amazing to watch him negotiate the bollards, walls and handrails on his bike.  He's incredible and he’s got so much skill. He can turn a fairly mundane object on the street into something interesting and it’s not just the skill, it’s the bravery of what he can do”.

It’s great to see these two biking icons together – both have immense mutual respect for each other’s skills and achievements. Sir Chris’ invitation to come and ride the inaugural lap was nothing short of an honor for Danny – and a great way to start the countdown to the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.

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