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SBC Pro - Natasha Barnes

SBC Pro - Natasha Barnes
September 22, 2012 - 

Yesterday was the qualification round for the comp. Two days earlier I woke up with severe shoulder pain. I frantically searched for a sports chiro that could help before the comp. I found a fellow alumnus from Palmer at Kinetic Sports Rehab in Seattle to look at my shoulder for me. He thought that my issue was a possible partial thickness tear of supraspintus but after talking with usual chiro at home we decided it must be bursitis. I couldn't lift my arm at all the day before the comp and I thought I wouldn't be able to compete. That night I iced on and off for three hours and took two ibuprofen and two aleve the next day before the comp. I was surprised that morning that I was able to move my arm and warm up on some easy climbs.

I was the first to climb for qualis and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didnt know if I could trust my shoulder. The first climb was really shouldery and I couldn't try 100%. I ended up doing it but after a few tries. The rest of the comp I was very tentative and didn't climb well. Somehow I managed 18th and got a spot in semis. I was grateful to even be able to climb.

This morning was semis and I climbed a little better but still not very well. I got bumped to 19th. I'm definitely disappointed because I had been training for the comp and looking forward to it for three months. I'm just glad my shoulder is not completely wrecked. Tonight I will watch finals and take photos. The climbs were all really cool! And it has been fun to catch up with all my comp climbing friends and other Five Ten athletes. Five Ten had a booth a the comp too!

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