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Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade

Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
Summer X-Games - Morgan Wade
September 04, 2012 -  Morgan Wade    

2012 Summer X-Games Trip


This Summer has been jam packed with BMX for me! I feel like I've been all over the map in the past few months! From Cali to PA to Brazil I've had a little taste of everything! We'll start off with X-Games at the end of June! My wife Natalie and I made a road trip out of it and packed up my Mom & Dad's Honda Odyssey and set out for Cali. We stopped in Amarillo and Flagstaff on the drive out.

We also drove past a sweet mole marker road sign in Texas!

I had to stop!!

Once we got to LA I got to start having fun on the ramps that ESPN provided for us to play on for the week!

The park comp was fun, but I wasn't a huge fan of the course this year, plus I managed to leave my S-One half helmet at the course the night before the comp and had to ride the entire Park event in my full face that I use for Mega! No good, I couldn't breathe the entire time I was riding and had cotton mouth the whole time... I still tried to fire out an Ally-oop gap that I'd been eyeing up the whole week during practice! I didn't end up pulling it, but I got really close and I think if I had a little more time on it I could have pulled it clean!

Mega was so much fun this year!!!

I ended up getting to ride the ramp so much more than in past years and as a result, I had way more fun than normal!! I learned how to do probably the best feeling trick ever on a bike and haven't stopped doing it every chance I get since! The One handed Tabe!

I ended up just barely missing the landing on yet another triple whip air this year... It put me in 5th over all, but I still had a blast!

I may have left LA with a little less skin than I arrived with, but at least all of us walked away on our own feet this year!


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