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Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC

Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
Edyta Ropek No. 1 in Daone WC
August 01, 2012 - 

The fourth victory of Polish athlete on the dam in Daone. Supported by Five Ten Edyta Ropek is the first in the world who made this. During her 9 years starts in the valley, she won 4 gold, and 2 bronze medals! No one else has achieved so much. Speed World Cup in Daone is one of the hardest from the IFSC speed competition calendar.


Last weekend third edition of the World Cup 2012 was held in Italy. Edyta was specially preparing for that comps, during her training camps in June and July she built form. After qualification round she was placed at 3 position. In her first final run she defeated actual Speed World Champion Maria Krasavina from Russia with time 20,37 seconds to 20,99 s. In next stage she run hand in hand with actual Speed World Record holder Yourina Lewoczkina, also from Russia. Edyta won that run with 20,71 seconds to 21,22 s.

In ½ of the final, unexpected fell from the wall on of the favorites of that world cup. Russian Alina Gaydamakina, who in qualification run set a new Daone wall record 18,06 seconds, not advanced to the big finals. Edyta ran with another Polish athlete Klaudia Buczek, wining that hit with time 20,91 s. to 21,33 seconds. And wining for the fourth time in her carrier the Daone World Cup.

“I was prepared for very fast running in the finals with Alina, but she didn’t qualify. During my trainings on the dam I managed times under 18 seconds. For tactical reasons, there was no need to climb so fast with the other rivals” – said after Edyta. “I’m really happy from that result. I was preparing to that comps, it’s unbelievable for me that I won for the fourth time in my life” she added."

After three editions of the 2012 WC with 183 points Edyta is ranked at 2-nd position in the world ranking! Losing only 62 point to the leader Alina Gaydamakina. See the ranking >>

Now Edyta back home, and starts her preparation to the fourth world cup, which will take place in European Mecca of climbing Arco on the 1 September.

More photos from the Daone WC You can find in Edyta’s gallery >>


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