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Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Round 2 - Jeff Provenzano

Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Round 2 - Jeff Provenzano
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Round 2 - Jeff Provenzano
Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland Round 2 - Jeff Provenzano
June 27, 2012 - 

When flying home from Dubai its important to break up the long flight to the states with a 6 day stop in Switzerland.


Why not?

There aren’t many places in the world you can hammer out 6-8 Proxy Wing Suit jumps per day. Especially after the Bachelor Party, I could not get this place out of my mind. I had to come back, and it had to be soon.
When I landed in Geneva I had an opportunity to make some BASE jumps from a paraglider so why pass this up. We launched from Seleve, just outside Geneva. There was three of under the same paraglider and 2 of us exited at the same time. A freefly BASE jump from about 1500 ft. The most impressive thing about these jumps was the 40 other pargliders in the sky flying around us.
After a couple days around Geneva, Lauterbrunnen was the next stop. My favorite place for BASE jumping in the world. This is truly one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. Here I linked up with Fred Fugen and Jeff Huck. Fred and I spoke about meeting up here last month while we were in Dubai together.
The absolute best memory in Lauterbrunnen was the day we jumped the Eiger. It began with 2 early morning hikes to the High Nose and then an amazing heli flight up to the Eiger. Fred and I did a 2 way jump off the mushroom and landed so far we had to take a pretty long train ride back up to Kline Schitag where ate some rostizza for lunch, a pizza and rosti combination. Basically, a swiss heart attack but delicious. Then we hiked over to La Mousse to make one more jump and fly back into the valley to our chalet, home in the valley.
The entire trip felt like awesome summer camp. Great memories. See you next time Switzerland.


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