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An Old Classic Revisited - Jon Cardwell

An Old Classic Revisited - Jon Cardwell
An Old Classic Revisited - Jon Cardwell
June 21, 2012 - 

This is sort of a double take but it didn't make sense to post more than one, right!?

Lung Fish is a legend route for Rifle. Its know for its intense bouldery sequences on bullet white limestone. It stood the test of time and was even upgraded since the first ascent by Utah climber Jeff Webb. In 2011 Joe Kinder bolted a climbed a direct start which tacks in a dynamic 7C boulder start into the original crux. Last weekend I took a trip out to Rifle with the Movement youth climbing team. Coaching has recently become a great resource and occupation for me. Its been awesome sharing my perspective of climbing and life to the youth...In between sharing beta and setting up routes for the kids I put in a few tries on Lung Fish Direct and managed to climb it. Just icing on the cake of a great weekend!


Wild Basin

Yesterday, fresh from Rifle I met up with Cameron Maier and Matty Hong to check out the new boulders at Wild Basin.  I only heard a few stories from a psyched Dave (Graham) about "perfect granite, legendary boulders, in an incredible valley".  I've heard this before but I've been around Dave enough to know that when he's excited, to the point that it almost seems difficult for him to NOT be there, that there's definitely something good, or unique.  Most know Dave for that, and hes an artist at describing these places - not to mention they are often more impressive than one can mention. 

We arrived, about an hour after I got off work and Cam went to work showing me the boulders.  I was more than impressed by the quality and easy access.  Wild Basin is sick! We sampled the classics and I made ascents of Tetris V13 and Macho Man V10 before it became too dark to try anything else.  Im constantly reminded, especially here in Colorado that no matter what people say there is still copious amounts of new climbing to be found, one just needs to expand themselves from the circuit and search.  This is how our sport expands and while its great to just go climbing, its important to remember that we are part of something much bigger than that.


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