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African Life - Carlo Traversi

African Life - Carlo Traversi
African Life - Carlo Traversi
African Life - Carlo Traversi
African Life - Carlo Traversi
June 19, 2012 - 

It's official.  I am no longer a resident of the US of A.  In the first week of June I packed some things in storage, moved out of Boulder, drove my car to California (to be sold), and jumped on a plane Cape Town, South Africa.  A new chapter of my life has begun and the theme is travel and climbing...on a global scale.  Along for the ride is my wonderful girlfriend Mary Mecklenburg and we will be shooting lots photos and videos along the way so keep an eye out!


We have been living in Cape Town, South Africa for the last 2 weeks or so and we will be residing here until the first week of September.  It's nice to not have the time constraints of a typical climbing trip and instead welcome the adjustment to a new style of life.  And I must say, the lifestyle is quite different.  Africa is a crazy place.  We are currently living with Paul Robinson, his girlfriend Alex Kahn, and our friend Griffin Whiteside in a large 3 bedroom apartment in Muizenberg, a small, beachside suburb just south of central Cape Town.  Daniel Woods and Courtney Sanders will be joining the crew in early July and Ashima Shiraishi and Obe Carrion will be staying with us in August.  It's going to be a great crew and psych is through the roof!

The weather has been great so far and the boulders around Cape Town are outstanding.  By far some of the best and most solid rock I've ever put my hands on.  We've discovered a bunch of high quality projects and judging by the ridiculous amount of boulders, more are on the way.  After taking some time to get over the jet lag and travel exhaustion I've been taking some time to get back in shape by repeating a number of climbs already established around the Cape and also in the nearby Rocklands.  It's been really exciting and super motivating to have fresh boulders to test myself on and I can feel my "outdoor strength" returning.  On our "rest" days we have been learning to surf the waves of False Bay, not far from our front porch.  It's nice to try out a new sport and get totally destroyed at it.  Frustrating, but exhilarating at the same time.    

Now that we have some solid internet at the house, I will be posting more regularly, both on and my personal website  Most of the video we are capturing down here will be used for our new feature length film entitled Chasing Winter, but I will be throwing up some "Five Ten" edits as well, so be on the lookout!  

Life is good.  Stay psyched.  Embrace the flux.  Peace.

Photo credit: Chasing Winter Film

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