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First of Many - Jimmy Webb

First of Many - Jimmy Webb
First of Many - Jimmy Webb
First of Many - Jimmy Webb
June 05, 2012 - 

Well this is my first Five Ten blog post. I'm so psyched to be on the team!!  My life is beginning to change for the better and I am looking forward to what comes next. My girlfriend Kasia Pietras and I are leaving for a month and a half road trip to Colorado in just 6 days and we can't wait.  Twenty hours on the road will be tough, but worth it.


Since I joined the team around a month ago some cool things have happened.  I traveled to Richmond, Va at the end of May to compete in the second annual River Rock Competition.  The comp scene there was a bit different then what I am used to and I absolutely loved it.  The relaxed and personal atmosphere provided a much needed 'chill pill' for the usual competition jitters.  We had to endure a total of four rounds over three days. Each round getting a bit more difficult and nerve racking then the next. I usually do not excel in this type of environment but for some reason this go was different.  Each round that passed I became more and more comfortable and eventually I began to realize that I had a real shot at doing well.  Comps are a weird game that's for sure.  On any day any climber out there could take 1st place.  The stars have to align at the right moment and you can only hope that they're coming together for you.  In this specific competition I was that lucky guy and things came together nicely.  I came out to the finals boulder and knew that it was my style.  A technical v9 or v10 bottom section directly into a hard all points off dyno to an awkwardly angled jug. From this move the problem lets up a good bit but I was beyond fatigued and slipped off the final holds just before the finishing jug.  I sat down angry with myself for not finishing the problem. I knew that it was very doable and the three strongest finishers from semi-finals still had to climb.  At that point I figured 4th place was as good as it was going to get. Luckily enough though the 3 remaining competitors were thwarted by that strange dyno and I was suddenly in 1st place. This was my first large competition that I have won and I have to say it felt good!  It provided a nice confidence builder and gets me psyched to do more competing in the future. For now though it's off to the real rock. Kasia and I will spend around one month in the bubble that is Boulder, CO before we make our way to Rifle and concluding the trip at the Summer OR Trade Show.  Many more updates to come so stay tuned!!

Photo credit: Kelly Starke

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