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Spring Part 2 - Popsicle - Therese Johansen

Spring Part 2 - Popsicle - Therese Johansen
Spring Part 2 - Popsicle - Therese Johansen
May 30, 2012 - 

28. april I did my first hard first ascent, which was the Icebreaker project. But I am going to call it Popsicle. I was bouldering with Tore, Torstein as well was there, but his fingers don't allow him to try that boulder. It really helped climbing with someone, and Tore made me realize that a beta I had given up after one try earlier was supergood after all. Even though I were screaming as usual, it felt a lot better then the previous tries at it, and I sent it in the first try of the day (after testing the new beta in the top a couple of times). The boulder really suites me well, steep on crimps. Would love to get some more of these!


Gradingvice I just have a slight idea after comparing to other boulders I´ve done. I´m guessing it´s 8A. I´ve done a couple of easier 8A´s and some harder, and putting grades is really difficult, and I don't like it. For all I know it can be 7C+ as well, but since the boulder suits me better than anything in the world (until now), I´m gonna go for 8A.

29.april I had another really nice day in Oltedal. The weather was great, it was warm, but after a long winter I found it nice. I got to climb a lot :D First I tried Crazy horse sit. I found it really hard working on alone, struggling finding beta. It is a boulder that I would be quit surprised if i send as the start doesn't seem to suit me at all. But it is an amazing line, and I really want to work more on it- but first Trollkraft!I´ve been on it once before, and have done all moves. I was just working on moves, with one try from the start, where I got to the crux (which will be very hard to do from the start). Psyked! Afterwards I got to do one of the most funny boulders I have done in a while. A really cool, sikus boulder. Unfortunately I forgot to bring the camera, cause this one was really funky. I recommend everyone to try Sirkus Arnado! The boulder with feet first, double toe hooks first, fallowing with you're hand next to the toe hook, FUN!

Photo credit: Torstein Magnussen

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