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Another 9a Send :) - Sasha DiGiulian

Another 9a Send :) - Sasha DiGiulian
Another 9a Send :) - Sasha DiGiulian
April 26, 2012 - 

Wednesday morning I woke up abnormally early due to jet lag and felt fired up to go try my pending project that I sadly left incomplete after my last trip to Spain at the end of March. Era Bella, 9a... A BEAUTIFUL route in Margalef, Spain, that was established by Chris Sharma. The temperature was brisk but not too cold and there was a slight wind. Maybe it was my dreams of succeeding on the route that aided me to the top!!! I had never worked on a route and left it unsent before and after leaving Spain

I immediately booked my flight back for my next available calendar date. The route was on my mind and I needed to try it again! My friend recently told me this proverb, that I wish I knew who to originally quote for, that states; “What you get by achieving your goals is not nearly as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Through this process I’ve definitely learned that while things may not come easy at first that does not mean that they are not possible!

Era Bella was my longest “project” yet... more than 3 days of effort… and definitely introduced me to the emotions of working hard towards something and not initially succeeding. I know that there are tons of routes out there that will require much more time and effort, and I am ready to confront these challenges! I guess my only problem is time – often I am not at one location for too much time because I like to experience new routes everywhere, and I have other commitments, but with inspiring routes like Era Bella, it is easy to become fixated on a goal. =]

Now I have until May 3 to climb in Spain with no real agenda, then I am going to the Melloblocco Event in Italy!

Time to continue the fun!!!!! VAMANOSSS!!!!!!!!!



Photo credit: Keith Ladzinski

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