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Mayan Smith-Gobat - Spain Bound

Mayan Smith-Gobat - Spain Bound
Mayan Smith-Gobat - Spain Bound
Mayan Smith-Gobat - Spain Bound
Mayan Smith-Gobat - Spain Bound
February 17, 2012 - 

Desert, mountains, beautiful boulders, psyched friends and endless splitter days… What more could one ask for? This pretty  much sums up my stay in Bishop! After barely bouldering at all for the last five years, over the last month in Bishop I really discovered the joys of bouldering. The simple pleasure of doing a short  sequence of moves, being able to focus purely on individual movements. That said, I was most attracted to the big, bold and strikingly beautiful lines, which are relatively abundant and are what Bishop has become famous for.  I loved the commitment and mental control these highballs require. Some of which verge on route length and blur the line between highballing and soloing. Many would definitely be bolted in many other places around the world.


I loved my time in Bishop and climbed many amazing boulders. However, for every problem I climbed, I added several more lines to my “to do” list.  I am excited to return, hopefully with a little more strength and skills next time – There are several lines which I very motivated to climb! However, now that I have committed to leaving and heading to Spain – The motherload of limestone, I feel totally ready to move on and am looking forward to climbing routes again. Rope-streatching, overhung limestone routes in Spain are calling my name. I feel ready to begin regaining my fitness, and sinking my teeth into a project.

I have a week in Germany, visiting my family and a much needed break from climbing, then am headed down to Spain to meet up with Sasha DiGiulian, Ben Spannuth, Keith and Andy.... Bring on the Spanish limestone!!!


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