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Colorado Climbing 2012 - Jon Cardwell

Colorado Climbing 2012 - Jon Cardwell
Colorado Climbing 2012 - Jon Cardwell
Colorado Climbing 2012 - Jon Cardwell
February 01, 2012 - 

Its been a while since I've fully committed to competing. There's been competitions here and there, so I was always still involved to a certain extent.  The time off was mostly due to my overwhelming psyche on traveling and climbing in every place I could reach. I've spent years exploring distant places in Europe, Asia, South America and even here at home in the sates. Those times were great and they built up my character to what it is today.  However, I still never forget the times I spent as a youth traveling around for competitions. At the time this was a similar exploration and as well it was a huge influence to my attitude and climbing. I knew, no matter how much time I took off, that I would one day return.


This year, one of much change for myself, will be busy. I've decided to return to competition along with continuing my perpetual mission of climbing as many amazing things as I can. To start off I registered for the ABS National, the premier bouldering comp of the year in the United States. My last national was back in 2006! I literally have no idea where Im at when it comes to a competitive mentality. I remember it was always something I never quite figured out as It only seemed to consume me while competing only to fade away soon after. Regardless I'm looking forward to competing in Colorado Springs this February. The organizers at USA Climbing always do a good job preparing the setting and atmosphere.

Other than the National I will be making it up to the alpine boulders in Estes Park dubbed the Nikis Boulders. Dave Graham, to no one's surprise, and a solid group of motivated climbers started delving back in (locals have climbed here for years) to the large field of unclimbed boulders. Graham constantly continues to impress me and most other climbers by sparking interest in new boulders where most overlook. I tried his new boulder Memory is Paralax V14 last weekend and it has to be one of coolest problems I have tried in a while. It was a good day that re-motivated me to continue the hustle of climbing as much as possible outside and in. Sometimes that is all you need to keep the psyche alive, acting on what you've always done and enjoying it. That is where I'll be!


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