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Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney

Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
Sandstone Staples - Colette McInerney
December 21, 2011 - 

I remember getting bored on my first long road trips. I did my best to prepare with an arms load of books, journals, or playing cards. I would even try out new hobbies like knitting or baking or something. Usually I wouldn’t really like these hobby, the books would get read, my writing wasn’t all that notable and at the end of those long, long rest days I wanted something else to DO.


That was around the time Joe and I invested in our first decent camera. From there we got our hands on a camcorder, learned some “fun” editing programs, gathered some sense of composition, and a gained a humble awareness that we had a unique view finder on the world. I think on top of that no pressure and the excitement of discovering new we really enjoyed allowed us to be creative with our new hobby in light hearted way. Since then, photos of our lives have become a staple of our travels, creating fun blog content and giving updated trips reports about the sweet events we see along the way. Joe’s passion for creating videos has grown and filming is becoming more and more a constant in my routine. Every rest day or climbing day is combined with some kind of creative “work”. But in fact no matter how much time we’re putting into these endeavors, I just can’t use the word work to describe whatever this stuff has become in my life. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to climb and create images of what I love to do. It’s a crazy thing, and for sure not a boring one.

It seems to always happen that one of us has a harder trip than the other. Joe had one hell of time in the Red, working around a bunk back, buck eye, and flip flop weather, he wasn’t able to meet many of the goals he had hoped to tackle. I on the other hand felt quite strong and was happy to put down some routes I had always wanted to send like 8-Ball, 12d and Dirty Smelly Hippie, 13b relatively quickly. There we got to climb with some of my best friends, (see Dave G’s past trips reports for hilarious recounts of the Red). I had a feeling that during our trip further south we would switch playing fields and Joe would have the home advantage. Family obligations and Joe’s obsessive-compulsive fixation on the “not really my style” horizontal cave meant not sending as many boulder problems I was hoping to tick off. I was able to quickly dispatch a few v7’s, a grade that’s usually hard for me when I’m in route mode, even more so when they’re not my style. In the end I’m leaving this area pretty unsatisfied and psyched to come back for more perfect weather and sticky sandstone. But don’t get unsatisfied confused with mad. I don’t get hung up on leaving things like I use to, probably helps to know that I’ll definitely be back.


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